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The Mobile County Communications District, also known as the 911 Center, answers 911 and non-emergency calls for citizens and guests of Mobile County, consisting of a population of over 404,000 people, spanning an area of 1230 square miles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
and 365 days a year.

The Mobile County Communications District is equipped with the latest in technology allowing call-takers and dispatchers from several agencies to coordinate and dispatch emergency services in a fast, efficient and
professional way that benefits the citizens of Mobile County.

These agencies are:

bullet Mobile Police Department
bullet Mobile County Sheriff's Office
bullet Mobile Fire & Rescue Department
bullet Mobile County E.M.S.
bullet All outlying municipalities and volunteer fire agencies
Texting to 911 now available for Verizon customers

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Recent Events

The MCCD recently held its first leadership conference: Leadership in the 9-1-1 Center.

The event was held in downtown Mobile in July and featured the following guest speakers:

  • Maureen A. Will, Director
    Newtown Emergency Communication Center Newtown, CT

  • Christopher B. Carver, Director of Fire Dispatch Operations
    City of New York Fire Department

  • Hope Hicks, Attorney
    Webb & Eley, P.C.
    Montgomery, AL